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Gymstar Competition Program

Gymnasts selected to be part of this invitation-only program show ability, motivation and interest to increase their skill level beyond the Recreational Levels Program. The emphasis in this program is to develop strength and flexibility, improve technique and work towards competitions. In training, gymnasts focus on their strengths while developing their weaker areas. Routines can be created on all apparatus including Uneven Bars, Beams, Floors, Rings, Parallel Bars and Vaults.

It is expected that Gymstar Gymnasts commit to the Program for a full year and attend a minimum of 2 interclub competitions per year depending on their level. 

Membership $135

This payment is a compulsory annual fee which includes registration and insurance with Gymnastics Australia and includes a Chamford membership fee. 

Trials in First Term of Gymstar Squad

The first term a gymnast joins a Gymstar squad group is a trial term.  At the end of the term the coach and head coach will determine if the class and level is appropriate for the gymnast and advise the parents. 

Ballet Sessions

Chamford may offer ballet to select Gymstar classes to enrich their floor and beam routines to help develop fluency and graceful movement.  Select classes are subject to Instructors availability.  Gymnasts in the Gymstar Competition program who attend weekly ballet sessions will have a $10 per term fee included on your Term Fees invoice.

Competition Uniform

All gymnasts must purchase full uniform before competition season starts. Uniform can be ordered through the Office. If you are unsure what uniform items are required, please refer to the uniform table displayed on the notice board near the Office.

Competition Levy

Gymnasts are expected to attend a minimum of 2 interclub competitions selected by Chamford.  Details regarding the venues and dates will be sent out as soon as they become available to the Club.  The Competition Levy is invoiced separately to tuition fees. Gymnasts do train and compete as a team in all levels. If your schedule changes and your daughter is unable to attend a competition, please advise the Club as soon as possible. We can only receive refunds if a gymnasts does not compete due to illness or injury and a medical form needs to be provided.

Holiday Training

Holiday training dates and times can be found on the website and on the term calendars. Gymnasts are encouraged to attend training during the school holidays to maintain body preparation (strength and flexibility) and continue skill development. It is an advantage to attend these sessions because they are for competitive gymnasts only and the groups have extended time on apparatus. Holiday training is charged with the tuition fees of the next term.

Maintenance and Equipment Levy

All WAG and Gymstar gymnasts are required to pay a $85 Levy with their Term 2 Fees or help for a minimum of 3 hours at a Chamford working bee. Other volunteer work may be deemed appropriate by the Head Coach for the Levy to be waived.  There will be working bee opportunities throughout the year.

Parent Viewing

We have limited viewing space at Chamford and request that parents only stay 5 minutes on drop off and arrive 5 minutes before pick up.  This ensures the gymnasts have a focused training session from beginning to end.

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