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Frequently Asked Questions

Class Drop off and Pick up

  • Gymnasts need to arrive dressed ready for class.  There are no change rooms available until further notice.

  • Gymnasts should enter the Gym through the door off the carpark.  Following our COVIDsafe plan, parents cannot enter the gym to settle their child into class.  Coaches will assist with this.

  • After the class, parents must pick up their child from the porch area outside the front door. Children may not leave the building without an adult and will be instructed to wait inside until a parent / guardian has arrived at the front door.

  • Until further notice, parents are required to social distance while waiting to pick up their child/ children.

When is the Office open for customer service?

Monday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 12:00pm (First and last week of each term)
Sunday: 9:00am – 11:00am (First and last week of each term)

What happens if my child arrives late to class?

Recreational gymnasts must arrive prior to the completion of their group warm up for safety reasons. Children who arrive after warm up has been completed may be able to join in only if a coach is available to assist with a late warm up.  Reminder notices will be sent home if your child arrives late on a regular basis.  Competition Program gymnasts who arrive late may only join in their class if they are able to warm up themselves under the supervision of their class coach or an additional coach is available to supervise.

How do I enrol my child?

Chamford offers new families the opportunity to enrol prior to each term commencing. We take new enrolments until week 2 of each term.  You can enrol and waitlist your child through the parent portal on our website and the office will contact you to confirm your class.  Enrolment forms and full payment must be completed before a child can attend any Chamford class.

Do classes still run on a Saturday when there is a Public Holiday on the Monday or Monday if the Public Holiday is on a Tuesday?

Classes will always be held unless they are scheduled on the day of the public holiday. For example: Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday) lessons will not run, however lessons will still run as normal on the Saturday and Monday before Cup Day.

If my child misses a class, are makeup lessons offered?

Chamford does not offer make-up classes unless the coach or Club cancels the lesson. We run our classes at full capacity and your term fees are paying for a place, regardless of whether your child attends class or not.

Can I view my child’s Recreational class?

Chamford has been providing gymnastics classes for over 30 years and we have noticed that children often get distracted and train very differently when parents are present. We currently are not allowing parents to stay in the gym to view.  If you would like to watch your child, you can view from outside the roller door or outside the pick up area. The roller door will be open when weather permits.

We offer REC gymnasts the opportunity to participate in Club Champs in December where parents can see the achievements made throughout the year.

How does my child progress through the Levels of Gymnastics?

Gymnasts progress at their own rate and move to the next Level when they have acquired the necessary skills. Recreational gymnasts are tested in week 7 of each term.  They will receive a certificate after being tested.

Are private lessons available for my child?

Private lessons are available to all gymnasts at Chamford.  Private lessons can be organised for individuals or groups up to 3 gymnasts. Our coaches specialise in different areas so please be specific regarding the reasons for the private lesson so an appropriate coach can be selected.  Alternatively if you know which coach you want, please let the office know of this when you call.

1 Hour Private

1 gymnast: $70

2 gymnasts: $100

3 gymnasts: $110

1.5 Hour Private

1 gymnast: $100

2 gymnasts: $130

3 gymnasts: $140

What can gymnastics offer your child?

  • Improvement in balance, coordination, strength and fitness

  • Development of fine and gross motor skills

  • Help with sequential learning and memory skills

  • Development of spatial and body awareness

  • The ability to land and roll safely

  • A very beneficial extra developmental activity

  • A challenge for the physically talented

  • Good physical basics to continue in any sport

Why Chamford?

  • We recognise the importance of a fun and safe learning environment

  • Professional and qualified coaches  who are caring and friendly

  • Good coach to child ratio per group

  • Wide variety of equipment suitable for all age groups and skill levels

  • A solid program for all recreational and competitive children

Choosing a program?

Our different programs provide suitable classes for all ages and abilities. Please refer to the Junior Gymnastics information for all Preschool aged children and the Recreational Gymnastics information for all school aged boys and girls.  If you are still unsure which group is appropriate for your child or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call and talk to our friendly office staff.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ
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